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What our moms say


"Bambinos has helped partially alleviate the burden of the cost of diapers and wipes, allowing me to allocate the money saved to other financial obligations which helps alleviate a portion of the stress I face as a single mother of two."  ~Megan


"Bambinos is a very friendly and Christian atmosphere." ~Michele


"Bambinos has helped me and my family so much other the years with diapers, formula and car seats. It means so much. I have five kids all under six years old, so funds are tight. Knowing I can turn to Bambinos is so awesome. Thank you for everything!" ~Amanda


"Thank you so much for the guidance in helping [my son] find the services he needed to help his 5-mo. old son when [they] were kicked out of the house. Also, for providing formula and diapers on an emergency basis. Oregon really does not have shelter for fathers and infants." ~Daniel's mother

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