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Baby Supplies


We understand diapers are a huge expense for families and clean diapers are essential to your baby’s health. We will provide you with a full pack of diapers and wipes upon request. Please limit your requests to once per month.

Happy Baby

Baby Food

WIC is a wonderful provider of formula and baby food. However, your baby may have an unusually hungry month or you may be in transition with the WIC program and need more food.


Baby Food – Trying new foods with your little one? Did you buy a bunch of one kind of food only to find that they HATE it? It happens! Bring it in and we’ll exchange it for stuff they might like. Or take one of a few types and try them out before you commit and buy it at the store.


Formula – We are happy to help with formula if we have it available in our office. Because we have a very limited supply, please limit requests to once every 60 days.

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