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Board of Directors

Bambinos - Glenda.png
Glenda Dunaway, Executive Director

Glenda Dunaway became an office volunteer in June of 2017. She served as our Community Outreach coordinator during that time as well as Secretary for our  Board of Bambinos. She is an adoptive mama and has a real heart for moms who find themselves in a situation where their kiddos must enter DHS care. Glenda is passionate about praying with moms who come into the office. Besides being a homeschool mom, she has been happily married to her hubby, Shane, since 2001. Their family attends Catron Street Fellowship in Monmouth.

Bambinos - Oregon-24.JPG
Tobey Houser, Secretary 

Tobey joined Bambinos in 2019. She is a long-term resident of Dallas. During her college years, she spent time both overseas and in our local community helping children in hard times. Tobey brings a wealth of knowledge to our board, having worked in the domestic violence and sexual assault field for many years. She has worked with teams that incorporate DHS, mental health services, public schools, suicide prevention and law enforcement. Tobey and her husband married in 2010 and have two little men in school that are her world. They worship at Salem Alliance. In her spare time, Tobey loves to spend time in her garden or be at the beach with some coffee. 

Bambinos - Lynnette.png
Lynnette Anderson, Auction Coordinator

Lynnette Anderson has lived in Dallas for the past nine years and has worked as a Bambinos volunteer, both in the office and serving on the Board of Directors for six years. She volunteers and works for CASA as well. Lynnette is married to Kirk, and together, they have three kids. They also own and operate Anderson Clan Inc. Commercial Thinning. Lynnette and her family worship at Dallas Foursquare where Kirk serves as a worship leader. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and enjoys baking and reading.

Bambinos - Chloie.png
Chloie Basey, Hospitality Coordinator

Chloie loves living in a small community and has lived in the Dallas area for 30 years. She and her husband got married right out of high school and are still going strong eleven years later. They have a beautiful seven-year-old little girl. They worship in Dallas and love the friendships they have cultivated there. In her spare time, she likes to read, cook, and be creative (in any way). She has been a member of the board since mid-2019.

Bambinos - April.png

April has been with Bambinos in some capacity, basically since its inception. She joined the Board of Directors in 2021. She and her husband, Scott, have helped with every single fundraiser auction and have both been faithful prayer warriors for this ministry. Bambinos is near and dear to April's heart. As a young mother, it was only because of her church family and an organization similar to Bambinos that she survived the first years as a new mom. April is now the mother of two adult sons, her eldest son experiences autism and her youngest son is an active youth leader at Grace Community Church where the family are members. She works with the DSD in special education, works as a PSW for DD services and volunteers in various other organizations in her spare time. She is a born and bred Oregonian who married her NJ-born husband 30 yrs ago. 

Bambinos - Michaela.png
Michaela Peters, Car Seat Clinician

Michaela Peters is an office volunteer, certified car seat tech and a board member for bambinos. Michaela and Beth (founder) became acquainted in 2011 when Michaela's family needed help with diapers for additional kids they were caring for. In addition to caring for the needs of her husband, Tyler, and their three children, Michaela is always meeting the needs of those she encounters. A caregiver by nature she is currently a childcare provider and a perfect fit for us at Bambinos! In the past, she has also volunteered at one of our local clothing closets and in recovery support groups in Dallas. She and her family attend Salem Alliance Church. She is enjoying her first granddaughter born in October 2022.

Bambinos - Brooke.png
Brooke Stuller, Equipment Coordinator

Brooke Stuller has been an office volunteer and a board member for bambinos since 2011. She was a huge heart for families experiencing poverty, addiction, and/or domestic violence in their homes. She is passionate to give our moms every possible resource available to meet your needs! She also cleans our used equipment to bless our community. She is a mother and grandmother, Brooke and her daughter are members at Grace Community Church in Dallas. 

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