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If you are NOT a current monthly supporter, but would like to be, now is a great time! Throughout the entire month of October, if you sign up to support us monthly, you will receive a gift card from a local business in the amount of your first month of support. For example, if you commit to $30.00/month for a year, you will receive a gift card in the amount of $30.00 to a local business that supports Bambinos. We will call you to personally thank you and then give you a choice from a select list of businesses. If sending in a monthly gift isn’t your preferred method, you can send us a lump sum payment of the equivalent amount to receive the same gift offer.

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You can now buy Gift Cards from one of our many local businesses and support Bambinos at the same time!!

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When you become a Bambinos Builder in the month of October, you're not only supporting us, you're supporting local business!

Gift cards in the following amounts are from:

$10.00 Gift Cards

  • Dallas-Monmouth Dutch Bros

  • Figaro's

  • Karma Coffee

  • Melting Pot Candy

  • Pressed

  • Starbucks

$20.00 Gift Cards

  • Dallas DQ

  • Independence Theater

  • Main Street Emporium

  • North Dallas Bar & Grill

  • Same As It Never Was

  • Spoon & Folks

  • Sushi J

  • Washington Street Bar & Grill

  • West Valley Taphouse

$30.00 Gift Cards

  • Abby's Pizza

  • Dallas Cinema

  • Dallas Health & Vitality Center

  • Grain Station

  • Hot Rod Hair

  • Ixtapa

  • Tater's Cafe

  • Yeasty Beasty

$50.00 Gift Certificates

  • Omorose Day Spa

  • Pink House

  • Rugged Wear

$100.00 Gift Cards

  • Dallas Aquatic Center

  • L & L Equipment

  • VanWell Hardware

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