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How is Bambinos funded?
Bambinos is staffed entirely with volunteers. However, even without paying any salaries, our 2021 operations cost was roughly $33,000.00. It’s pretty amazing when you consider how many families we reach. We depend entirely on private donations! Our funds come in several ways. 


During the past year, here is where our funding has come from:

  • Annual Auction Fundraiser, supported by area businesses, churches and residents (YOU!)

  • “Bambinos Builders” (donors committed to a once per month donation of any amount)

  • Catron Street Fellowship

  • Dallas Community Foundation Grant

  • Dallas Foursquare Church

  • Grace Church

  • Ongoing diaper and monetary donations from local community members 

How would you like to be involved this year? Call Glenda Dunaway at 503-999-6679 and discuss the possibilities! We’re always looking for individuals with skills and interests that serve our mission.

Why do we support Bambinos?
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Are you looking for a way to support Bambinos?

We are often asked if we take donations of various items. The answer to that question is, “YES!”

Here's a list of the items we always need:
  • Diapers (all sizes - OK if not a complete package)

  • Wipes

  • Formula (all types, no expired food, please)

  • Baby food (all types, no expired food, please)

  • Receiving blankets

  • Hygiene items

  • Safety items (outlet covers, drawer latches, door knob covers)

  • Car seats (new only, please)

  • Baby gates (new only, please)

  • Bike helmets (new only, please)

  • Funds for any of the above items

In addition to the above items, we are always in need of people who can pledge to send us a monthly gift that we can put toward our expenses. We call these wonderful people "Bambinos Builders." A pledge as little as $5 per month can still make a big difference.


Our hope is to use the money raised from our fundraisers, like our annual auction, to directly bless our community by funneling that money right back into car seats, diapers, wipes, etc. This means that we still need monthly supporters to help us pay for our rent, utilities, etc. Did you know it costs $2000 per month just to keep our doors open?

Are you able to help us? If so, please select the Donation button on the right. You can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring monthly debit.

Thank you so much for supporting Bambinos!

It's so easy to help support Bambinos, Oregon

For one-time donations or monthly donations, we make it easy!

Shopping at Amazon!

You can also support us when you shop at Amazon We always have an ever growing wishlist!

What has Bambinos done in the past year?

In the past calendar year, we have served 163 children. Of those 163 children’s families, 110 of them were new registrants between September 2020 and September 2021.

Since January 2021, we have provided:

  • 257 packs of diapers (approximately 30-35 diapers per pack)

  • 212 packs of diaper wipes

  • 70 cans of infant formula

  • 29 car seats

  • 20 additional safety items

  • 118 pieces of baby equipment

  • 44 linen/bedding items

  • One community baby shower

  • Over 600 hours of volunteer service


Since our inception in 2008, Bambinos has been able to bless local families by providing 3,195 different services.

2021 Year in Review


"Our website was paid for by the Dallas Community Foundation and generous donations from people like you."


Thank you for your continued support

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