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Updated: Mar 15, 2021


February, 2021 | Vol.1 | Week 1


Well, January sure went by fast! Our 2020 numbers are finally totaled up and when I shared them with the Bambinos Board today, our jaws collectively dropped. In 2020, we served 251 different kiddos, including 164 NEW clients. We knew that we were busy, but we really had NO IDEA just how busy. We had NO auction, spent $39,000.00 and STILL have basically the amount of money in our account we ended up with after our 2019 auction. We can’t explain it except to say that God is good and He is providing in amazing ways. Our outgoing tracking system was developed halfway through the year, so we only have numbers for June through December 2020. We provided 250 packs of diapers, 214 packs of wipes, 56 cans of formula, 121 other baby food items, 26 car seats, and a WHOPPING 71 pieces of baby equipment (like strollers, high chairs, etc.)! Again, this was only seven months’ worth of tracking. Based on circumstances and data, we project 2021 to be just as busy. When praying over the ministry this past week, I’ve been asking the Lord to give us a theme for the year ahead that can hang onto when making decisions: Should we grow? Shrink? Move? Stay? Change anything? I heard a resounding, “Stand still.” In Exodus 14:13, Moses had just led the children of Israel out of slavery in Egypt. They faced the Red Sea ahead and Pharaoh and his armies behind. And God didn’t want them to do anything but stand still and to see His salvation. We have come through a tough year and we may be facing another much like it. But as a board, we feel a peace that we can and must stand still and see what the Lord has planned. Our commitment to you is to remain faithful with the resources given to us as we make sure that the needs of our community are met in 2021. Again, thank you so much for your prayer and financial support. In His service, Glenda Dunaway, Director & The Bambinos Board of Directors


Also, we know that Cyber Monday is kinda laughable this year. Because, let's face it. We've all been clicking that Amazon button a LOT being stuck at home. HAHA! This is just a friendly reminder that if you shop through Smile.Amazon.com and select Bambinos, OR as the non-profit, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to us. No cost to you!

HELP SUPPORT BAMBINOS We are always in need of people who can pledge to send us a monthly gift that we can put toward our expenses. We call these wonderful people "Bambinos Builders." A pledge as little as $5 per month can still make a big difference.

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