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August  2020 | Vol.10 | Week 1


It is with great sadness that we have decided to cancel our annual Dinner and Auction in October. Our venue tried hard but was not able to make it work. Our Board of Directors met last week and decided that rather than having an online auction, we need to focus our efforts on gaining monthly supporters this year. We were given a generous donation toward our auction and when we attempted to return it, we were told to use it how we see fit. We have amazing supporters!

Support Bambinos!

Our heart is still really to support our local businesses who have always been there for us. And so, we’re excited to say that for the entire month of October, we’ll be doing a Bambinos Builders Drive! Community partners who commit to sending in monthly support in the amounts of $10, $25, $50, or $100 (or more) will receive a gift card from a local business who supports Bambinos as thanks from us. We are so excited that we will still get to try out this "reverse fundraising" idea! Please stay tuned for more info on our Bambinos Builders Drive and how you can help and participate! We are STILL excited to see what the Lord can do through all of this! In His Service, Bambinos Board of Directors In His Service,  Bambinos Board of Directors Glenda J. Dunaway Executive Director Office: 503-623-4618 Cell: 503-999-6679

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