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Community Connection - May 2020 - Week 1


May  2020 | Vol.6 | Week 1



As we continue to be in quarantine to varying degrees, expectant mothers are especially on our hearts.  Bambinos loves to give Community Baby Showers to mamas that don't have a solid support system. Due to all the gathering restrictions, we've had to put a hold on those for now.  So we've been brainstorming: How do we bless mamas with babies on the way right now?  Answer: Drive-by gift bags!!  We have been blessed with many donations of brand-new, with tags, baby items. We were able to make six gift bags, three for girls and three for boys, that are ready to go to anyone that needs one. If you, or someone you know is expecting, or just recently gave birth, we have a gift for you/her! The bag has clothing, diapers, wipes, and other baby goodies in each bag. Please contact our office if you'd like to claim one of these love-filled bags.  You may have been tempted, as have we, to say, “I’m sure this is not the world she intended to bring this baby into.” Although probably true, we ALL have the ability to speak life, hope, and joy into the lives of these mamas! If you know mama with a little one, reach out to her and bless her with your words of encouragement. You don't have to say a lot to make a real difference.  One of my family's favorite songs to sing right now is, "Because He Lives" by Bill and Gloria Gaither. The second verse says this: How sweet to hold a newborn baby And feel the pride and joy he gives But greater still, the calm assurance This child can face uncertain days because He lives.  May this calm assurance rest in your hearts as we face these uncertain days together. He lives! Blessings,  Glenda Dunaway Executive Director Bambinos, OR

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