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Community Connection February 2020



FEBRUARY 2020 | Vol.4 | Week 3



10-week Parenting Series

We're also very excited to announce that a 10-week parenting series will be held here starting on Thursday, March 12 and will be held every two weeks. This series will be taught by Sharon Hammond with Family Backbone. Here is a synopsis of the class:

Are you struggling with constant arguing? Do you feel like you don't have control over your kids? Parents, at the end of the day, we just want our kids to be happy. This 10-week series of interactive classes are designed to bring out your best self. All of this is offered for free...yes ...FREE! Take advantage of this free class while it is still available. Family Backbone helps you gain the ability to thrive when life's storms come. Come learn how to protect your children through their life's storms. Questions? Email or Visit for more details.

We are hosting an Introductory Class to see if this is for you on Thursday, Feb. 27 from 7-8:30 pm. Childcare for the Intro Class will not be provided. However, childcare will be available for the 10-week course held at Bambinos.

We'd love to see you at one of the many classes and groups held here. And if you are in need of a place to meet, let us know! We'd love to help.

OUR MISSION Bambinos, Oregon is a non-profit ministry that aims to reduce stress in the homes of Polk County, Oregon families by providing essential supplies, extra-curricular scholarships, and emotional support. As we demonstrate the love of Christ our hope is to impact families in such a way that their lives are transformed, contributing to a healthier community.

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HELP SUPPORT BAMBINOS We are always in need of people who can pledge to send us a monthly gift that we can put toward our expenses. We call these wonderful people "Bambinos Builders." A pledge as little as $5 per month can still make a big difference.

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