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December, 2020 | Vol.12 | Week 1


We are very excited to have been invited to the Jingle Bell Rock & Shop FB event going now, December 1, through Saturday, December 5. There are eighteen local vendors selling various items that will make excellent Christmas presents. And although we are not a business, we are selling local business gift cards at face value, as well as sharing more about our ministry and what we do. We are VERY excited to say that on Saturday at 3:00pm, we will be going LIVE on Facebook and giving you a full tour of our facility! Set your phone alarm and join us! It won't take but about 10 minutes and will be well worth your while. :)

A link to the event is on our page on Facebook, or you can click on the image below. We decided to hold off announcing our drawing winners until we can reach them all and by mind-December, we will also have held our NEW Bambinos Builders drawing as well and will announce them all at the same time. Looking forward to seeing you all at our LIVE event on Saturday, December 6 at 3:00pm! Warmly, Bambinos Board of Directors

Also, we know that Cyber Monday is kinda laughable this year. Because, let's face it. We've all been clicking that Amazon button a LOT being stuck at home. HAHA! This is just a friendly reminder that if you shop through and select Bambinos, OR as the non-profit, Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to us. No cost to you!

Finally, Tuesday, December 1 is "Giving Tuesday." If you are one that specifically gives on that day to one or more non-profits, please consider us. The link to our donation page is linked here. Thank you all, and Happy Shopping! Bambinos Board of DirectorsAdd your text here. Edit to add dynamic values like name, email and more.

Check this out! Become a Bambinos Builder! Support Bambinos and our local businesses! Get a Gift Card from a local business that supports Bambinos!

$10.00 Gift Cards

  • Dallas-Monmouth Dutch Bros

  • Figaro's

  • Karma Coffee

  • Melting Pot Candy

  • Pressed

  • Starbucks

$20.00 Gift Cards

  • Dallas DQ

  • Independence Theater

  • Main Street Emporium

  • North Dallas Bar & Grill

  • Same As It Never Was

  • Spoon & Folks

  • Sushi J

  • Washington Street Bar & Grill

  • West Valley Taphouse

$30.00 Gift Cards

  • Abby's Pizza

  • Dallas Cinema

  • Dallas Health & Vitality Center

  • Grain Station

  • Hot Rod Hair

  • Ixtapa

  • Tater's Cafe

  • Yeasty Beasty

$50.00 Gift Certificates

  • Omorose Day Spa

  • Pink House

  • Rugged Wear

$100.00 Gift Cards

  • Dallas Aquatic Center

  • L & L Equipment

  • VanWell Hardware

When you commit to a monthly donation of $10, $20, $30, $50, $100 or more, (or it's equivalent), we will give you a gift card to a local business in that monthly amount to say thank you! Please visit our website. to enroll. We greatly appreciate your support!

HELP SUPPORT BAMBINOS We are always in need of people who can pledge to send us a monthly gift that we can put toward our expenses. We call these wonderful people "Bambinos Builders." A pledge as little as $5 per month can still make a big difference.

OUR MISSION Bambinos, Oregon is a non-profit ministry that aims to reduce stress in the homes of Polk County, Oregon families by providing essential supplies, extra-curricular scholarships, and emotional support. As we demonstrate the love of Christ our hope is to impact families in such a way that their lives are transformed, contributing to a healthier community.


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