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2018, Another Busy Year!

What was 2018 like for Bambinos?

In the past year, we have served 130 families, representing 339 total services provided. Of those 130 families, 82 were new registrants in 2018. Since our inception in 2008, Bambinos has been able bless local families by providing 2,445 different services.

In 2018 Bambinos provided our local families with:

  • 285 packs of diapers (approximately 30-35 diapers per pack)

  • 183 packs of diaper wipes

  • 123 services of baby food and formula

  • 46 outside source referrals (such as counseling, social support groups for families)

  • 10 crisis interventions (from medicine, to a child’s birthday gift, to a tank of gas; we often help in unique ways for families in situational crisis)

  • 11 extracurricular scholarships

  • 42 car seats

  • 26 safety items

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