Bambinos would like to give a BIG THANK YOU
to both the Dallas Community Foundation and the Grace Church Youth Group for helping us with our Car Seat Clinic, baby equipment, and diaper storage re-shelving project! 


We received a generous $1200 grant from the DCF. This allowed us to purchase industrial shelving and will alleviate our limited budget to purchase a MUCH needed all-in-one washer/dryer unit so that we can launder all washable parts on our donated second-hand baby equipment before we re-home them! 


THEN, we got a phone call from the Grace Church Youth Pastor saying that due to COVID-19, their mission trip to Nicaragua had been canceled and so they were opting to use this time set aside to bless their local community. They offered for 15 people to come and help us assemble and install all the shelves! It took them just over an hour or so to complete what would have taken us an entire day or more to accomplish!!


We are now able to accept donations again!


Check out our beautiful new shelves! Thanks again to Dallas Community Foundation and Grace Church Youth Group!!